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RM. offers several Information Security services, from Consulting, Strategy Making, Certification and Risk Assessment to Incident Response, Forensic Services, Professional Resourcing and Training. The Cyber Security strategy and consultation from RM. can secure an entire organization from its boardroom to its reception. Furthermore, we know that Information Security is simply not an internal concern. External stakeholders request and confirm assurance so that organizations can conduct business securely, and treat sensitive data appropriately. When implemented properly with the right strategy, security can protect business and strengthen its working. We understand that the trust and credibility of an organization depend on the level of protection provided for its infrastructure and information.

Founder and CEO

Mahesh Devarshi is a veteran business strategic management Leader, agile investor and 24 years of Vertical management expertise with a proven track record of founding and leading companies – both private and public Ltd – to success. Mahesh’s leadership has been widely recognized, enough to capacitate him as Managing Director, Director and COO of organizations both private and public sector undertakings, his reputation, motivation and innovation for leveraging organization competencies and excellence.

His professional background shows, being a qualified Management Graduate in Information systems and Software Engineering, currently pursuing his Ph.D in Cyber Security in the emerging area “CPS – Healthcare; Vulnerability Analysis”. He also did professional management programs and courses from different universities and top Management schools -IIM-K.

Mahesh’s emphasis on innovation, transparency, quality, business ethics and flatter the corporate structure has helped shape RM. Consulting – the professionally structured management consultancy organization of global repute and high standards of corporate governance with esteemed Info-Sec insights.

He, Ex-Director, Cyber Security (Computer Emergency Response Team) Government of Kerala, India in line with CERT-India – an organization that meant for countering cyber attacks and cyber terrorism prepared by Government of India – had well taken care of the security of State Government’s various departments Communications and Information Infrastructure through proactive action and effective collaboration.! He was the trusted advisor to the Law Enforcement Agencies in the State.

RM. offers an array of Information Security services from consultation to services such as designing a high-security strategy and responding to specific Cyber Security issues. Our professionals provide further consultation on:

  • Cybersecurity policies
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Cloud security
  • Information governance and compliance
  • Cyber incident response and forensics
  • Data protection and EU GDPR
  • Security awareness
  • Risk assessment
  • Training

We work together to make you stronger

We don’t blind you with science or deafen you with jargon. We offer transparent services that prioritize you and your wishes.

The RM. team combines phenomenal expertise in business and management to technology, to ensure and provide excellent service in information security, while keeping in mind a thorough understanding of our business goals and risk appetite.

We have worked across the globe with start-ups and small businesses to international leading companies. Our customers have benefited from our immense experience, realizing an approach to security that’s based on transparency and dedication coupled with technology and intelligence.