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RM. offers several Information Security services, from Consulting, Strategy Making, Certification and Risk Assessment to Incident Response, Forensic Services, Professional Resourcing and Training. The Cyber Security strategy and consultation from RM. can secure an entire organization from its boardroom to its reception. Furthermore, we know that Information Security is simply not an internal concern. External stakeholders request and confirm assurance so that organizations can conduct business securely, and treat sensitive data appropriately. When implemented properly with the right strategy, security can protect business and strengthen its working. We understand that the trust and credibility of an organization depend on the level of protection provided for its infrastructure and information.

Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security Assessment is an essentiality for all organizations and companies. There are many risk factors affecting the internet, which keeps increasing exponentially. The security challenges of web applications should be addressed and solved effectively and systematically.

Our security testing services analyze the security loopholes present in your application at different levels and give you a complete report. RM. consulting is your partner to find and fix the security loopholes that stop your website from functioning smoothly.

Website Security Assessment

Website Security is essential against threats such as “viruses” or other malware, which infect a website and spread it steadily to the website visitors, and steal confidential information and data such as names, email addresses, credit cards details and other transaction details, which would result in the creation of a string of infected sites and stolen information, sometimes even hijacking or crashing of the website to the misuse of the data stolen. An underdeveloped software with low coding standards creates security risks that could otherwise be avoided. The quality and quantity of bugs and malware that would create Website Security risks and issues depend entirely on the size and intricacy of your website applications and website server. RM. helps you prevent these issues with our Website Security Assessment.

Threat Vulnerablity Assessment

RM. Vulnerability Management is a cycle of assessment circling around the processes of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities. RM. collaborates with several organizations with the latest technology and services in order to defend their company’s software, applications, and information against vulnerabilities or potential threats. When / if found vulnerable, RM. informs the organizations about their security breaches, without procrastination, and proposes a fool-proof strategy to rectify the issue. RM.’s vulnerability management seeks to identify every chance of a security issue and ensure maximum security as well as protection across the organization.

IOT Security Assessment

RM. IOT Security Assessment is a series of tests done, to ensure protection, with wireless networks, data, mobile application and cloud security.

RM.’s Internet of Things accentuates security testing, by analyzing the entire product configuration from chip to code. Our security evaluations and analytics mitigate possible cyber risks in connected devices and provide in-built security while also gaining a considerable advantage in the market which is experiencing a drastic growth and immense concern regarding cyber-security.

Mobile App Security Assessment

RM. Mobile App Security Assessment is a solution provided to you to keep track off potential actions that may pose a risk for you in your mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms while protecting your business and information against them. We carry out various tests on the degree of protection needed from infiltration or penetration on mobile applications from various domains such as:

  • Payment and Finance
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Social Networking
  • Enterprise Internal apps and more.

Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment will reveal to RM. the openings and opportunities for hackers within the system and other possible network compromises. We have professionals who identify unauthorized accesses made to sensitive data or other domain penetrations in the system made for malicious and non-business purposes by potential hackers. The process of assessing the protection of the network of an organisation and external or internal build-up is done by identifying the vulnerabilities and security risks that are present and routinely fixing them accordingly.

Database Security Assessment

A database is an element for the storage of information, and they form a critical part of any application that hosts important corporate data. For this particular reason, databases are essentially targeted for malicious attacks. RM. focuses on the following policies to ensure protection:

  • Database user accounts
  • Password policies
  • Database auditing procedures
  • Operational procedures
  • Data migration and refresh
  • Database configuration
  • Database access control