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RM. offers several Information Security services, from Consulting, Strategy Making, Certification and Risk Assessment to Incident Response, Forensic Services, Professional Resourcing and Training. The Cyber Security strategy and consultation from RM. can secure an entire organization from its boardroom to its reception. Furthermore, we know that Information Security is simply not an internal concern. External stakeholders request and confirm assurance so that organizations can conduct business securely, and treat sensitive data appropriately. When implemented properly with the right strategy, security can protect business and strengthen its working. We understand that the trust and credibility of an organization depend on the level of protection provided for its infrastructure and information.

COBIT 5 is an internationally accepted framework adopted by top IT business managers to gain control over information technology and to organise them in a logical framework of IT-related processes and enablers. The COBIT 5 acts as an integral component of the information system management.


RM. incorporates COBIT 5 into our services. It combines the most amazing thoughts in enterprise governance and excellent management techniques, as well as provides internationally accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models, to maintain your trust in the values of our organization.


Design optimized to suit the demands of the user, regulations specific to the industry and to tackle the risk scenarios that arise every day. COBIT 5 is designed to ensure the quality, control, and reliability of information systems within the organization, which is the most important aspect of modern businesses; security and reliability. No other framework that was developed focuses on the enterprises that IT offers or the benefits of COBIT 5.


The COBIT 5 principles and enablers are unique and useful for all enterprises, whether they are commercial, non-profit or public. RM. provide you with an excellent and flawless COBIT 5 service with the principle, content, and structure exactly as defined in COBIT 5 Standard.

Cyber Essential is used internationally by companies to guard against online threats and provide cyber security. Cyber Essentials could be used by all organization for security. It guarantees the safety of the information inside the company.

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Cyber Essential service provided by RM. relies solely on Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organizations and companies to protect themselves and their information against potential online threats and malware.

Why Implement Cyber Essential

Cyber Essential is your cyber “essential” to ensure the cyber security of your company or organisation.

Cyber Threat Management (CTM) is an advanced management program that is programmed to identify threats, provide data-driven situational awareness, help with accurate decision-making, and carry out timely threat mitigating actions.

CTM consists of manual as well as automated scanners for the primary purpose of information gathering and threat analysis. The techniques used are advanced for monitoring threats and their management. Threat Management uses the excellent and advanced analysis to locate the threats and generate accurate security intelligence reports.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is compliance, which is mandatory for every company that handles and provides the data privacy and security services, for protecting and safeguarding medical information. HIPAA controls the availability and procedures of group health plans and certain other individual health insurance documents. It establishes policies and procedures in a certain manner so as to maintain the privacy and security of unique and identifiable health information in the organization.

The HIPAA privacy regulations mandatorily require health care providers and organizations as well as their business associates to develop and follow procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information.