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RM. Education

When you’re migrating to countries such as the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia and so on, to pursue your graduation, post-graduation, training, for employment, etc., it is mandatory for you to take a test to confirm your mastery of the English language. Thus, the IELTS test is the most accepted English fluency test. You will have to attempt the test and obtain a specified result called the “Band Score”, which will represent your overall knowledge of the English language.

We at RM. offer exemplary coaching to shape you to take the IELTS assessment. We are one of the leading coaching centers in Kerala with over 10 years of experience.

RM. has a team of exceptionally qualified professionals, who have completed their education in the UK and USA, through innovative and excellent teaching methods and standard, amazing resources and facilities, including “Computer-Aided Language Learning” in fully functional language labs.

We offer exceptional services with unique and innovative methods as well as distinct teaching styles developed over years of intense research that has proven to give amazing results. We promise an experience that will be spectacular, informative and unique!


RM. personnel understand that the knowledge possessed by every individual is different. Our programs are structured in a way as to identify a student’s weakest point when it comes to the English language and create a personalized plan and learning strategy to address these issues. We focus our attention on the requirement of the student so that they will only gain benefits during the duration of the course. This will ensure a better learning environment which will eventually help them to get a higher Band Score in the IELTS examination and assessment.

RM. is your guiding light towards success. We help you improve the sections that make you weak in the English language. Thus, it improves your overall confidence and character.

Why RM.?

  • Individual Attention.
  • An authorised centre of the British Council and IDP.
  • Excellent collection and practice of study materials.
  • Language Lab for better experience in developing listening skills and to enhance the learning experience of the English language.
  • A comprehensive and intensive training provided by exceptional faculty including the four modules of IELTS coaching.
  • The training is structured to ensure a student that is not versed in English, attain proficiency and fluency in English while scoring above a Band score of 7.
  • Personalized coaching to improve the skills of writing and speaking.
  • Additional guidance on admission, application of Visa, interview for Visa, university selection and SOP preparation to mention a few.