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ABOUT RM. an organisation that provides excellent Information Security services, products and compliance. We, at RM., offer Enterprise Solutions as well as Operational Solutions .

We have a team of dedicated professional who have phenomenal domain expertise, by which we offer the best services possible while keeping your interests at heart. We work with many major companies and industry leaders to provide them with a state of the art Information and Cyber Security. We have an immense network associating with communities around the globe for Information Security. We have made it our mission to provide to you with technological solutions that will improve your productivity, efficiency and profitability at an affordable cost.

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RM. – Cyber security Talent Management System (CTMS)

RM. strive for maintaining and improving the skill set of your cybersecurity workforce – especially as threats evolve at a rapid pace – takes more than an employee brand campaign, current skills inventory, or a one-time training suite for the client requirements. We practice an integrated and evidence-based approach to Cyber Talent Management, confined to the customized need.!

Skills Sought to support this objective:

Expertise and certification in Human Resource (HR) practices across corporates / Government including those associated the excepted service, rank-in-person approaches, career/pay progression based on factors in addition to/other than tenure

Expertise & Equipped in key skills/experience of standard core requirements in HR operations with an emphasis on customer-centric approaches

Experience in implementing best practices for recruiting/retaining cybersecurity talent pool

Practical experience in managing professional development to inform compensation and/or career level changes

Expertise and practical real-time experience in implementing/operating HR practices in the private industry, with an emphasis on cybersecurity staffing/retention

Demonstrated experience in managing/implementing HR operations with an applicant-/candidate-/selectee-centric approach

Practical experience in/knowledge of key factors for successful offer acceptance by cybersecurity talent

Expert recommendations on and ability to provide best range of personnel experienced/certified in specialties needed to support CTMS

Our Cyber Security Experts

Our team at RM. is handpicked to consist of the best professionals and trained to provide excellent service. We combine the technical aspects of Information Security along with governance, control and risk management. The Cyber Security strategy and consultation from RM. can secure an entire organization from its boardroom to its reception.

Furthermore, we know that Information Security is simply not an internal concern. External stakeholders request and confirm assurance so that organizations can conduct business securely, and treat sensitive data appropriately. When implemented properly with the right strategy, security can protect a business and strengthen its working. The trust and credibility of an organization depends on the level of protection provided for its infrastructure and information.

RM. offers an array of phenomenal Information Security consulting services, from designing a high security strategy to responding to specific Cyber Security issues.

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